My name is Katy McKinney, and I’m a professional Mom (at least that’s what my sister says).  I take my job seriously but love to keep it fun!  I figure if I’m not having fun, I’m not doing something right!  I have 3 awesome kids, a husband who is excellent in all he does and encourages me to be the same.IMG_8686

I’ve taught in the public school arena in CA (K and 1st), was certified as a Reading Recovery Specialist, supervised and directed a private preschool in the mid-west, and home-schooled my children all over this blessed country over the last 7 years (off and on).

Before kids, I also mentored and educated adults in their real estate investments.  I traveled all over the US, dropping in and working closely with small groups of investors helping them improve their business (marketing, taking calls, working with buyers/sellers, fielding deals, and getting paid).  In a course of 18-24 months, I saw my students profit over $500,000 collectively.  I loved watching them over-come their fears and become better and stronger.  But then to watch them get paid as a result of them over-coming that fear – that was great fun!  It was another chapter of teaching and learning that I will always treasure.

Regardless of the venue, I’ve always loved teaching, though much to my brothers’ dismay.  I remember making up worksheets when I was 10 yrs old and asking my 8 and 5 yr old brothers to “play school”.  Somewhat baffled, I realized, overtime, that didn’t interest them.  But I was not deterred.  I’ve always been passionate about learning.  Whenever something or some skill is learned, we are empowered, less dependent, and more free than before than new learning.  That progress — for me, my children, or any other children I have the privilege teaching — is what drives me.

Over the last few years, as a family, we have fallen in love with learning about and through the classics.  Along that same vein, we’ve had the sweet joy of going and seeing much of what we study.  This has brought our study home for all 5 us, enriching our learning and touching us at the core.  It’s made our work (as parents) all the more powerful and doing it together (with the kids) has been a treasure!

Thank you for stopping by.  My hope is that you will find some nugget of information within this blog that you can use to make your life more rich, interesting, fulfilling, and joyous.  That would make my day!

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  1. It will be a privilege to follow you on this glorious journey! You must be doing it right….it’s fun for you and for everyone around you!!

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