Our New “Normal”

Friday night before bed, both kids (spontaneously and unbeknownst to each other) asked me to wake them up so they could help with cleaning the coops in the morning.  This is a chore I do weekly – usually on the weekends.  Happily surprised, I agreed to wake them.

However, when the early morning came, I caved and let them sleep in.  After a quick breakfast, I continued to the coops to clean.  Moments after I started, I heard little clomping feet and knew it was my little guy.  He said, “Why didn’t you wake me?”  I explained that I wanted him to sleep a bit longer.  However, secretly I was tickled that he was so motivated to come out and “help” me (although I use the term ‘help’ loosely).

Long story short, he (and soon to follow…his sister) came out and just played and enjoyed the chickens.  I loved the idea that they were not sitting on the couch this Saturday morning watching cartoons, Roku, or a movie (we do do that but I try to keep it under control) but instead were in the coop, in their lawn chairs, playing with the chickens.  We all hung out for about an hour and just enjoyed each other.  Me cleaning, they – in their PJs – singing and talking with the chicks.  I love the new “normal” we are creating for our kidlets.  It’s very intentional and not easy – but I think it’s worth it!  Time will tell…

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